Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pregnancy is Scary

Scary is an understatement. The body does things you never thought possible and at times, things can go wrong in an instance. This past Sunday, I was at my boss's baby shower, at her house, and I PASSED OUT.

The whole nine yards...911 was called, an ambulance came, and I spent a few hours in the hospital. It was terrible. I fell flat on my stomach, face, everything. I knew I wasn't feeling right the entire day. I woke up with a headache and was slightly nauseous. There were quite a few people in Susan's home, it was warm, and I had been on my feet talking to people. I also hadn't had much to eat that day due to being nauseous.

I was getting ready to leave because I knew I needed to get home and lay down. I was saying goodbye to my boss, and as she was introducing me to her sister, I went down. The feeling came over me quick, and there was nothing I could do. I was out for about one minute, Derrick was called right away and we waited for the paramedics to arrive. I have never been in an ambulance before. (Who ever decided to put the patient in backwards was a bad idea. That made me have more motion sickness.) After I fainted, I got really sick, and thankfully threw up, which made me feel better. Mark that down as the only time I have thrown up during my pregnancy!

Once we got checked in at the hospital, they did all all of my vitals, and brought in the Doppler to pick up the fetal heartbeat. At first, the nurse couldn't find it and I started crying, Derrick got extremely quiet. Another nurse came in and picked it up immediately...there is was, that strong 150-160 heartbeat!

I've been taking a couple days off work to relax, and to get feeling like myself again. My OB wanted me to come in for an ultrasound just to be sure everything was in place. I couldn't argue an ultrasound! Derrick picked me up from our house, and we went to the appointment. I really wanted Derrick to go to this appointment because I knew the baby would look completely different than at 7 weeks. Now, this little bean is completely formed, and MOVING in there! It was the coolest thing either of us has ever seen.

The picture below is from the bum, looking up. Decide for yourself what that is between the legs! The ultrasound tech didn't want to completely confirm the sex but gave us a good idea.

Everyone is excited for this pregnancy...even the little dog above...
Everything looked great on the ultrasound, which made us even more excited! I am realizing that I do need to slow down and take it easy, especially in this hot weather. More to come on little baby Stewart!

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Mallory said...

SO glad you and Baby are ok! What a scary deal!!